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GNB offers a wide range of manicure and pedicure options with the latest and most effective in nail care products and technologies.


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GNB manicures and pedicures are done with our handmade, vegan scrubs and butters.


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About Us

Art is our passion. Nails are our canvas of choice.

Check out some of the designs crafted for GNB's fabulous clientele!

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Meet Lauren

Hello and welcome to! I'm Lauren Boyd, a Memphis native with an amazing desire for all things beauty. I am an artist in every way. I do nails, makeup, and I paint. I married an artist, so we encourage creativity in each other. I don’t have a favorite color. You can usually tell what mood or frame of mind I’m in by what color I favor at the time. Art is a means of release, emotional support, expression and a display of who I am on the inside. Art is always the inner workings of the artist, their emotions and the fantasy they create in their mind. That’s what I try to do on a daily basis while loving on my clients and treating them like they’re the greatest gift in the world. I focus more on art and properly maintained nails. Nail art is cute, but art is the main objective. I offer my clients an experience when they come to Graffiti Nail Bar. Art is everywhere in my salon — on walls, on canvases, on my nail bar, and I’m working on painting the floor and chairs. I love a lot of color. When my clients come in I want them to have fun and to feel free and uninhibited. I take pride in knowing my clients so well that when they come in they can sit down and never have to look at a polish bottle. I make sure I’m very relatable, so I have a wide range of clients. From teachers to housewives and nurses to attorneys, they all connect to me in some sort of way. When they come in its ‘girlfriend’ conversations every time. We are like a family and Graffiti Nail Bar is our home.

The GNB Difference

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Address: 1985 Madison Ave #11, Memphis, TN 38104

(at the corner of Madison Avenue and Rembert)

Phone: 1.901.728.6122

At Graffiti Nail Bar, our attentive staff is available Tuesday through Friday to answer questions and make sure you are 100% satisfied.